Their “VIP” is not worth it…

Super nice while you’re buying the car – even offer a “VIP Service” if you write a 5 star review and record a fake video full of lies that they want to post on FB of how awesome your experience is while buying the car. Let me start by saying it took all day to buy the car. They were the slowest ever! The VIP service which has turned out to be a real joke includes free lifetime car washes at the dealership for your new car which are given very begrudgingly! When you return for the car washes you are treated as a beggar and an annoying pest, definitely not like a VIP or valued customer. Their customer service is crabby and sour and then they consistently change the process so that you are so inconvenienced by the experience you won’t come back for the free car wash! Their latest scam (6 different processes later) is to have you (not the employee) go find your salesperson and ask them for the car wash if the VIP desk person is away from the desk – WOW! that’s some VIP customer service!! Hopefully your salesperson isn’t in the middle of trying to make a sale or even their day off or you’ve just spent over an hour driving there and driving home without any service when there are service people sitting around doing nothing but chatting. I’m pretty sure if they don’t want to treat a returning customer as a true VIP even for a simple car wash, then I’m also pretty sure I will not return to buy another car. Sorry STRONG VW I’ve given you the benefit of the doubt for over a year with many chances to really sparkle and shine and you blew every single one! Buyer beware!

Lemon Cars 

I bought a 2012 Nissan with 60,000 miles and 2 days later it had transmission trouble. It was looked at by a shop and the dealership said to start a claim. After 3 weeks of sitting at the shop they told me because I am in a certain mileage of the dealership their shop hast to check it out. I’m not driving it back with transmission trouble to end up stranded. Then they changed there minds and refused to have it towed, fixed, or help to fix it. It’s going to cost me $1900. My warranty will only cover the car if the transmission goes completely out where as my situation is only preventative. So I have to keep driving it until I am stranded for them to cover it. I am so tired of this dealership. I want my money back. I’ll die before I ever go back to Strong Volkswagen!!!

Deleted Reviews

The cars are good, but the dealership is a joke. Nobody ever returned my calls on a specific question. They got a bad Facebook review from me (which was never published btw.)
….and my salesman got his feelings hurt and canceled my VIP membership (free washes) without even having the balls to tell me.
There are far better places to get your VW out there.
Never Again Strong VW.


Lifetime warranty seems to good to be true? That’s because it is. Their dealer arranged financing, which is required, was way higher than what I was pre-approved for trough my credit union. Also be prepared to do all of your maintenance through them at full price.

Bait and Switch

The ultimate bait and switch shop. I was interested in a new Tiguan and saw advertised prices from Strong of $22k. In reality that price is available only IF all eligible discounts can be applied(veteran, recent grad, eligible trade-in bonus, vw customer loyolty, etc). Reality is nobody gets every discount. The actual price they worked up for me was $28k.

Terrible Service

Seriously though? We walked in and it took a minute for them to get to us. Then we finally get helped and it was Rob who told us that he was going to make sure to get us a car that has what we want so that we can make a deal and he can make a living. Ummm… seriously though? Also cussed under his breath. Super unprofessional. My husband was with me and he treated me like I wasn’t even there. Also tried to scam us. We’re smart. We know what we want. We told him that. He ignored us.

Lack Integrity

Went to help my elderly parents purchase a vehicle. Unfortunately after all
was agreed and I signed their little sheet that listed the stock # of the vehicle the salesman returned after 20 minutes and said they had quoted the wrong vehicle, they gave me a printout $2,500 more that listed a different stock #. I won’t name the salesman as I think he was put in a tenuous position. The sales manager did not even have the integrity to come out himself. After thinking about it, felt they were very dishonest. Were given four different pricing options. I questioned the payout on a lease as they told me I could pay it off after 6 months. They would not provide any payoff detail and said they were not required to. I even asked to speak to the finance person. I wasn’t allowed and the salesman told me he had been told truth in lending disclosure was not required with a lease. Buyer beware. Went with good intentions to Dave Strong Volkswagen. Won’t ever buy from them. Be very, very careful. I will share my experience with all that I know are considering purchasing a vehicle from Dave Strong. Businesses need to have integrity to.

Lied to about VW Lease

We was told that by leasing it, it would be cheaper then buying it outright, went to refinance to get out of the lease and it is over what the vehicle is even worth. Feel like we was told a lie to get a sale

Bad Used Cars – Bad Service

Went to look at a used car there. Called ahead to make sure that they were open on Black Friday and so make sure the car we were interested in was still there. They said it was and made an appointment with them. Drove over an hour to get there to find out no one knew we were coming and the cars battery was dead so and the mechanics were too busy to change it! We really liked the car and were most likely going to get it. Even the used car manager didn’t care. They just had pizza delivered so it was more important to eat than sell a car! What a joke! Won’t be going there ever again! If you are looking for a used car there… keep on driving!!!

0 Stars VW Service

I would give this place zero stars if I could. I had an appointment set for 730am. It took them two hours to get the oil changed. They also told me after the two hour wait that they did away with the appointment scheduling system. She said you can still schedule appointments online but that the service center did not honor them because they did away with the system in July. When asked why no one was notified about canceling the scheduled appointments the service department said they did not know why but it would be a good idea. What a joke.

Pushy Salesmen

Don’t buy here, salesman are pushy and treated me like I was an idiot. To their detriment, I’m not an idiot and quickly saw through the smoke they were blowing. They tried to make me feel good about the substandard used vehicle they had and tried to convince me their premium price is what the vehicle was worth … which it was not. Then the manager was brought out, not sure why since I didn’t indicate I wanted to buy. At this point my BS meter was redlined and I walked away, never to return to Strong Volkswagen.

I don’t appreciate any institution that takes advantage of people that don’t know better, so buyer beware here, since if I wouldn’t have known better they had a good story to tell, but vehicle was only about half as good as Strong sales made it sound like.

Apathetic Sales Staff

Great place if you want to feel neglected.
Salespeople don’t even pretend to care if they don’t think that you are ready to purchase right now. And I don’t know why anyone would want to purchase from this dealer after a test drive around the block with a 35 mph speed limit.

No service after sale

I bought a used car. Went to get the oil changed a month and a half after buying. Was informed that the oil plug was stripped and needed to be replaced. Called strong to see what they could do for me since they would have been the last ones to change the oil. I got passed around on the phone for a while then gave. Ended up paying someone else to fix their mistake. I don’t know if I dare take it in to keep the lifetime warranty if that is how they handle something small.

Do anything to get you in

Can’t answer simple requests, and will do anything to try and get you into their store and push a sale. Save your time and headache and just go to the southtowne dealer. Messaged them after this encounter and everything was smooth.

Strong VW Service

I’ve never had such a crappy experience with a service department. I have been calling for 2 weeks to schedule and apparently they are always so busy to answer so they take my information and say someone will reach me back…. it has been 2 weeks! I called today again to try and schedule and the girl that answer was like oh I dont know what to say but I cant help you with that, so I asked if there was someone who knew what they were doing and shes like oh yeah but they work in the sales department so they wont be able to help you either….. I had a similar experience when I went in for an oil change…. next time I’ll stick to Honda, since they at least have people who knows what they are doing …..

HORRIBLE. Wish you could give a negative rating. Read all the paperwork, signed and was there for over three hours just for them to try to swindle more money out of me. James Crawford, my sales associate seemed to be fair but in the end completely failed me. I do not recommend them. I asked for my loan packet and they gave me paperwork for the WRONG car and had a different name on them. Do NOT buy here.